"I teach people to drive sideways for a living."

Don Palmer Master Coach

More often these days I simply say:
"I'm a coach"

Don Palmer

Don Palmer Master Coach

Driving near to the limit of what is possible requires some interesting skills. Coaching people to acquire these skills efficiently and easily requires wide-ranging experience combined with powerful coaching techniques.

For most people who encounter a limit handling event, it is regarded as an emergency. For truly high-performance drivers these are often self-inflicted events engaged in regularly on track, at proving grounds and more rarely on the road. They are not regarded as emergencies because they are simply part of the high-performance driver's toolkit. Most "so called" advanced road drivers spend their time making sure that they never get to the limit of their own or their vehicle's performance envelope, they never practice these skills and are typically found wanting when the need arises.

The Creative Car Control Handbook is a powerful collection of tools


Coaching is the key to fast, efficient development at all levels of sport, business and personal development. Driving is at the very core of who you are.

The Fundamentals

The three most important elements in managing a car near the limit are steering, steering and steering. Everything depends upon it and everything else makes it possible.

Managing Power-Slides

Power induced oversteer is fun and dangerous because it is difficult to control effectively.

I have been developing the content of this book for 20 years. It covers the following topics:

  • - 1 -Introduction
  • - 2 -Coaching Philosophy
  • - 3 -Model of Successful Driving
  • - 4 -Human Data
  • - 5 -Ergonomics

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